Driven to Raise Expectations


We’re ferex earthworks

At Ferex Earthworks, we’re professional, flexible, and technical – our clients repeatedly expand our work scopes to include other services like site support, utilities, back filling, and civil construction management. Specializing in utilities and environmental reclamation, we’re proactive and decisive – we have the experience and expertise to make real-time decisions that accelerate schedules while ensuring technical accuracy and safety.



Km of Road built

Pcs Heavy Equipment

We’re skilled.

Once upon a time, equipment operators were hired after watching them on the machines for 20 minutes. But between safety, screening, and orientation, today’s market is different. Now, we rely on rigorous interviews and references to understand an operator’s thought-processes and problem-solving – to determine skill levels and approaches. Our operators usually exceed 5,000 hours of experience on the machines and are well on their way to becoming experts (if they aren’t already). But our team is also humble: eager to learn, grow, and expand their skill sets.

We’re team players.

Our crew isn’t just its own team, each one is part of a clients’ team – so our equipment operators share cooperative and collaborative attitudes. Equal parts teachers and students, our operators work conscientiously, sharing their knowledge, acting professionally, and finding ways to assist the entire project team.

We’re invaluable.

We pride ourselves on being easy to work with, but more than that, being invaluable to our clients. When a client’s policies are stricter than ours, we adopt them not just for that project, but for all projects and clients going forward. Responsive and accommodating, we course-correct before issues become problems, take change orders in stride, and accept additional scopes to streamline projects for our clients.



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