Civil Construction Specialists


As a civil earthworks contractor, we either self-perform or manage subtrades in performing all civil scopes in heavy civil construction, deep excavation, and site development on projects across Alberta. While we specialize in technical excavation, we’re a full-service contractor offering comprehensive civil services.


From installing water and sewer lines on greenfield industrial sites to attaching them to existing municipal infrastructure, we take detailed construction plans and engineering specifications and exceed expectations. With sewer and water projects, our technical expertise ensures that elevations and gradations are flawlessly executed with precision and care. Because these projects are deep underground, we prevent leaks and incorrect sloping to avoid costly dig ups – which means we do it right the first time. Our sewer and water operators work together to cut accurate grades deep below the surface while adhering to strict safety guidelines for trenching.



Like sewer and water, electrical and ground grid projects involve deep excavation work. Using similar equipment and techniques and requiring a similar skill set, electrical and ground grid projects are high risk with strict, safety procedures. While we’re still trenching deep below grade, high voltage projects like substations require grounding to prevent energization. At Ferex, we’re experts in substation construction, completing the civil work safely while supporting the project’s electrical contractors. From fiber optic repeater stations to energized (hot) substations and pre-energized green field substations, we’ve done the civil work for conduit duct banks, ground pits, and pile cap foundations for blast walls, in addition to supplying backfill and sourcing insulating rock material. Our operators on these projects are intimately aware of each machine’s limitations and reactions and they effectively communicate with spotters to navigate onsite obstacles.



Clearing trees and roots and stripping black dirt is about more than mere demolition. Different topography reacts and responds differently to excavation and requires different equipment and expertise to complete the work. From tree types to land types, we’re experienced in clearing and grubbing everything from muskeg to boreal forest, managing the hazards of falling trees and sinking equipment while accelerating schedules. We haul and dispose of debris per each client’s specifications and environmental requirements, offering advise and expertise from the project’s onset.



Because many construction projects begin with stripping acres of black dirt or clay – earth that needs to go somewhere – we test, treat, relocate, store, and backfill excavated earth. Before construction can commence, that dirt must be moved since it’s high volume and can only be repurposed for landscaping. But moving soil from place to place has environmental risks, so screening is required to ensure soil-based diseases like club root aren’t spreading. As a result, we don’t just stock pile and backfill soil, we also screen it. To protect our clients, we take samples to the lab and use the most stringent testing for soil contamination, soil borne illness, and hydrocarbons.



For gravel and grading projects, we have in-house surveying and GPS-controlled equipment that enables us to create accurate, precise grades quickly without re-surveying. Our specialized equipment and experienced operators are adept at completing gravel and grading projects in areas with tight access and high traffic, managing logistics and site activities efficiently and effectively. Occasionally, these projects require innovative problem-solving to create stabilizing solutions for unexpected ground conditions – our teams have the knowledge, experience, and creativity to successfully mitigate these challenges.



Whether a substation or an oil field, road and pad construction projects are similar in design and approach. We’re experts at planning and executing civil construction logistics and subtrade management, in addition to providing site support services. Often, we set up the project and stay on to oversee onsite logistics through to the project’s completion.


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